Why is death a necessary fact of life?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Death as a fact becomes less brutal if you can accept that it is a necessary part of life. The universe recycles everything in the never-ending flow of time. The atoms that make up your body have found a temporary shelter only. Like birds of passage they are always in flight. With your next breath you will take in several billion molecules of air once breathed by Buddha or Jesus, and when you exhale you will send molecules of air to be breathed tomorrow by people in China. Every other atom of your body is borrowed and must be repaid to the cosmos. The reason that the ancient Indians worshiped Shiva, the god of death and dissolution, wasn't out of fear alone, or a desire to placate him. The traditions of wisdom looked at nature and saw in its design creation and dissolution, the one inseparable from the other. At the deepest level, everyone is borrowing and repaying all the time. The scene isn't one of perpetual death but of life circulating within itself.
William Stillman
Health Education

Human beings are part of the whole life cycle of all that is and ever was. All around us, we see living things in various stages of life. Even inanimate objects, which began as material mined from the earth, will eventually be altered and transformed by taking a new form or returning to the earth once again. Think about the material that went into the creation of a brick used in constructing a building. The brick material began with the earth, was shaped into a new form, and serves a function, in its altered state, as one item contributing to a greater purpose. But, someday, that form will be revised once again as it deteriorates, is replaced, or is demolished.

If we think of the human life cycle using the brick metaphor, we can better appreciate the rationale that “death” offers us—not as a finality that interrupts but as part of a continuous, perpetual cycle of alteration and transformation by which we learn and contribute. If we can be accepting of this perspective, we can understand why it is necessary to evolve beyond our present form by shedding our physical shell and emerging with a new identity (but retaining the wisdom of our previous personality).

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