Where is my soul?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine Specialist

The soul, or true self, is not inside you, nor is it outside. Like gravity or truth or time, your soul is everywhere. Therefore at the moment of death it has nowhere to go—it has already arrived.

Imagine a series of concentric circles, one within the other. Then imagine yourself living in each of these circles, beginning with the smallest.

  • The first circle is your body and the physical world of the five senses. Here you live in time as it passes.
  • The second circle is the pattern of brain waves that create your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Here you live in the mind.
  • The third circle is the invisible pattern of energy from which the brain was created. Here you live in the play of natural forces.
  • The fourth circle is the field that extends infinitely through the cosmos, from which all energy is born. Here you live in the fluctuating waves of the cosmic ocean.
  • The fifth circle is the silent, unmoving field that unites all force fields, from which space and time arose. Here you live within the ocean itself.
  • The sixth circle is the womb of the universe—infinite dimensions wrapped within each other. Here you live in the cradle of creation before creation occurs.
  • The seventh circle is the uncreated—God, Brahman, the One and All. Here you live eternally.

What I realized with a wave of relief was that no one has to go anywhere. All these realms exist at the same time. The only thing that changes is perception. You and I choose the circle we belong in, and once we identify it, we call that reality.

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