How are migraine and depression linked?

There is a link between migraine and depression. In this video, Adel Olshansky, MD, a neurologist at West Hills Hospital, says that frequent and disabling headaches can make people become depressed.
Migraine is linked to depression, but one does not cause the other. According to the American Headache Society, 18% of people with migraine are also diagnosed with depression, compared with about 7% of the general population. It is possible that the pain suffered from migraines may trigger a depressive response. Some believe that depression and migraine may share a common neurophysiologic pathway in the brain. If the two exist together they must be treated.
People who suffer from migraines may also suffer from other illnesses like depression, social phobias, mania and anxiety. In this video, Mark Green, MD, a neurologist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, explains these comorbidities.

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