Meningitis B: Causes and Prevention

Medically reviewed in July 2021

Watch this video to learn about the bacterial infections that cause meningitis B and how MenB can be prevented.

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Meningitis B: Advocacy and Awareness

Meningitis B may be rare, but it can also be very dangerous. Learn why awareness should be more widespread.

Potential Complications of Meningitis B

A look at some of the complications that can result from meningitis B, including hearing loss, nerve damage, and loss of limbs.

Why Isn’t the MenB Vaccine Recommended for Everyone?

Although not part of routine vaccinations, more young adults and their parents may want to consider a MenB vaccine.

What is Meningitis B?

An overview of meningitis B, from symptoms and complications to treatment and vaccination.

The Timeline of a Meningitis B Infection

A look at the timeline of a MenB infection, from exposure through first symptoms, to treatment and recovery.