Meningitis B: Living Life After MenB

Even with treatment, a significant number of meningitis B cases are fatal. Learn how one family copes after losing a loved one to MenB.

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People who lose children often separate. Yeah. What propels us to keep going forward? We still love each other.
Nobody else knows Cait like we do. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING]
We find support in friends and family. We have-- Eileen was one of nine, and I'm one of seven, and we have very close families.
Yeah. When something like this happens, there's no textbook that's there for what to do. If you can have people around you all the time,
calling you, coming over, talking to you, crying with you, you know, it helps you get through. I think we make a conscious effort to not forget about her,
you know. I feel her. I feel her all the time. It's been 15 years, but the memories haven't really faded,
so that's a good thing. The grief, the pain is just as severe, but we've learned how to carry it.
My advice to anyone struggling, who's in a similar situation, would be to reach out to family and friends if you have.
If not, then you have to get involved with either professional help-- A support group. --a support group.
You do need to deal with your emotions. You need to talk to people. You need to let the emotions out. One of the things we like to do is we like to talk about her.
We like to reminisce. And we sit in the backyard, and we cry and we laugh. We laugh. We talk about things, but I couldn't do it
with somebody else, and she couldn't do it with somebody else. It's not the same. And that's a bond that's-- it strengthens us, that we both went
through this horrible, horrible tunnel, and we came out at the end. And we're together still, and it brought us even closer.

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