Meningitis B: Advocacy and Awareness

Meningitis B is a rare but very serious condition caused by a bacterial infection in the nervous system. Learn what you can do to help spread the word about MenB risks and prevention.

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Back in 2005, when Cait was diagnosed and died within two days, there was no vaccine available for strain B. She had her vaccine for the other four
strains. I would advise all parents to have their kids vaccinated against meningitis and meningitis B.
But she was so healthy, a vegetarian. She ate well, she exercised, she was beautiful, she was an athlete.
Intelligent, she had a genius IQ. She was just, like, amazing, and she was perfect. That Cait would be gone in two days--
No, I mean, it was devastating to everybody. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING]
After she passed away, we started a scholarship up in Marist, and every year, we have a bike
ride that we raise money. And half the money goes to the scholarship, and half goes to the National Meningitis Association.
We get pamphlets and things, because we're just trying to educate a little bit, you know. One year, we had these things. They're magnets.
And we thought that it would be good for kids to bring to school. And it just tells you what the symptoms are-- fever, chills,
headache, stiff neck, you know, it goes on. So make sure you get vaccinated, and learn the symptoms.
When somebody from your community dies from it, I think it becomes much more real to everybody. And so many people knew Cait.
They felt terrible, and they wanted to help, and they wanted to spread the word as well. It so made them feel good. To be able to help people, of course it feels good.
You know, I feel like I want Cait proud of me. So this is something that she would do if she was in my shoes.

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