What types of counseling services are available?

Counseling is a service in which you receive guidance with emotional and practical concerns from a knowledgeable and trained person, usually a trained professional. The goal of counseling is to learn how to relieve and manage distress about any concern.

Counseling may be provided in a variety of settings including:
  • Individual counseling - Talking and sharing privately, one-on-one with the counselor. Individual counseling can be useful for those who want support but who are uncomfortable talking in groups.
  • Couples counseling - Partners talk with a counselor together.
  • Family counseling - The entire family talks with the counselor.
  • Group counseling - A group of individuals with similar concerns meets together with a trained counselor who provides guidance.
  • Support group sessions - A group of individuals that come together for similar reasons. These groups usually focus on one general topic such as cancer survivorship. Support groups are not always led by a trained counselor. Often, members of the group organize and lead these groups as a way to connect with and learn from others who are managing similar challenges. Survivors are often referred to support groups by their health care teams.
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Mental Health
Counseling services is a great way to gain perspective on your behavior, emotional wellbeing and relationships. Counselors help you to express your feelings and resolve outdated patterns of thinking that maybe blocking you from achieving optimal physical and emotional health.
Counseling services are available from experts in several areas of human services; Professional Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapist, Psychologist and Psychiatrist to name a few, can work from a team approach or independently based on your presenting concerns. Treatment planning varies for each client so it is important to seek out the professional support to ensure the best plan for your lifestyle is provided.

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