When is the best time to have sex during menopause?

Barbara J. Depree, MD
OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Now. Anytime is the best time to have sex during menopause. In menopause, in the absence of cycling hormones, there may be less notable changes in drive or libido as there were when menstruating. Ovulation is no longer occuring. In the past, you may have noted the natural drive to be sexual at that time of the cycle for the purpose of procreation. There is no need to avoid sex at that time either, since pregnancy is no longer possible. In menopause, in the absence of estrogen, there is likely to be a natural loss of vaginal lubrication resulting in more dryness (a lubricant can solve that problem) and maybe more discomfort. Regular use of the vagina tends to slow/delay this drying (our clinical term is atrophy) process. You have heard the term 'use it or lose it', well, it certainly applies here. More is better. Sex improves blood supply to the pelvic organs and pelvic floor maintaining better function/health.  

Testosterone is an important hormone for women, too! Although we don't have a vast amount circulating in our blood, it plays an important role in sex. There is a slight increase in the natural release of testosterone in the mornings, so not only are you well-rested, but you may be more responsive to stimulation, more easily aroused and therefore find the whole experience more pleasurable.

Did you know that low libido during menopause is linked to another type of trouble in the sack? We're talking about sleep issues! When you're exhausted, sex is the last thing on your mind, never mind your to-do list. If menopause symptoms are causing you to feel exhausted by the end of the day, forget about nighttime lovemaking. If you wait until bedtime to have sex, sleep will win out every time. Instead, take the pressure off of your libido and revive your sex life by choosing a time of day when you're relaxed and well-rested, such as morning, early afternoon, or just after a bath or nap.

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