What exercise will strengthen my inner calves?

A great exercise to target the inner portion of the calves is a calf raise with the toes turned in.  Use the technique described below to perform this exercise. Stand with your feet placed hip-width apart and positioned so that the toes are turned in toward each other.  Position the balls of your feet on the foot block of a calf raise machine or on a step.  If using a calf raise machine, position shoulder under the shoulder pads while maintaining good posture.  Start with your heels down as far as possible without letting the toes turn out to the side and arches collapse, and keep your knees straight and stiff but not completely locked. Next, squeeze the glutes and tighten the abs while rising up onto the balls of your feet, moving only at the ankles.  Pause at the top before slowly returning to the start position, being careful not to bend the knees as you lower your body back down.  This exercise can also be performed as a bodyweight exercise while standing on a single leg instead of two legs.

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