Should I make my kids eat foods they don't like?

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You always want to try to avoid a power struggle at the dinner table with your children. Studies show that children who are forced to eat foods they don't like, or try new foods they don't want to, they are less likely to eat these foods then children who are left to decide for themselves. Remember, as a parent you are responsible for providing your child with healthy foods and appropriate portion sizes, but your child is then responsible for deciding how much and even whether they want to eat.

If your child does not like a certain food, keep offering the food to them, but never force them to eat it. Studies also show that it may take offering a child a certain food numerous times before they will even decide to try it. However, if you force your child to eat foods they don't like you will most likely turn them away from ever eating these foods again.

Lead by example. Children are very "monkey see, monkey do" and like to model the behaviors of their parents. Keep offering your child foods they don't like, show them that you enjoy eating these foods, but then let your child decide for themselves whether they want to eat the food or not.

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