Why should I track my exercise progress?

Tracking your progress can be a useful way to keep you motivated when you start an exercise program. Use a calendar or an online app to track when and how long you are active. You could also try wearing a monitor or pedometer to keep track of your activity. Either way, it feels good to see what you've accomplished.

Challenge yourself to squeeze in more activity, whether spending an extra five minutes on the elliptical or taking more steps every day. When you reach a goal, treat yourself to a non-food reward, such as buying some new workout clothes.

Tracking your exercise progress is important because it lets you see how you are progressing in terms of reaching your previously set goals. If you’re on pace, you probably won’t have to make many changes to your routine, except to progress your exercises in difficulty. If you’re not making any progress, it may be time to re-evaluate your program, and see where you can make changes to get you back on track.

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