Eat These Snack Sticks for Cancer Protection

Whether you dip 'em or eat 'em straight up, a few crunchy carrot sticks each day may help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Specifically, breast cancer.

In a study of African American women, the participants who munched on the crunchy little root vegetables at least three times a week enjoyed a 17 percent lower risk of breast cancer.

Femme-Friendly Foods
Researchers tracked the health and eating habits of the women for 12 years and found that eating vegetables in general was a boon to health, reducing the odds of a specific type of breast cancer (estrogen receptor negative/progesterone receptor negative) by a whopping 43 percent in women who ate two servings per day instead of four or fewer per week. But carrots were great for reducing the risk of all breast cancer types with just three servings per week.

More Breast Benefits
What about carrots makes them so extra special for breast health? Could be their rich array of carotenoid antioxidants. These compounds help protect against oxidative DNA damage, a key event in the cancer process. Not a carrot lover? Filling up on cruciferous vegetables also seemed to be particularly good for lowering breast cancer risk in the women. We're talking foods like broccoli, collard greens, cabbage, and mustard greens. (Find out how going raw could mean major breast cancer protection.)

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