How Can I Avoid Exposure to BPA?

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You can avoid exposure to BPA in several ways, one is you have to really have to pay attention when you eat canned goods. The great thing is that there is a little label that says BPA free when I can is BPA free. So if there's no label, it's not BPA free that means it has BPA in it and stay away.

But there are lots of other options, you can get the same source of food a lot of times in glass jars like your stewed tomatoes, you can get that in glass jars, olives instead of canned olives, you can get it in the glass jars. There's also the option of soups for instance of course there's lots of canned soups but if you can't find a BPA free can, you can opt for the soups in that cardboard boxes they look almost like those milk containers the milk that doesn't need to be refrigerated, anyway so those would be good options those boxes for soups if you can find BPA free cans but remember if it doesn't say BPA free it's not.