What Diet Should I follow if I have Psoriasis?

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I get asked all the time, what food should people with psoriasis add to their diet? The first thing is actually what shouldn't you have in your diet? None of us want to have things in our diet that can be more inflammatory like really processed, ultra processed foods or high amount of sugars especially added sugars really processed fats, even foods with taken out all the fat and now just talk about artificial sweeter's or things like that.

So the one thing if we talk about what we should add to your diet make sure you diet, I want to actually make sure what your diet should be poured is great quality food found in it's full form, just the way it is in it's nature. Now in terms of what you could add instead of thinking of adding, I want you to think of replacing or maybe swapping so if you are doing something that is a fat free version that has artificial sweeteners and maybe what we want to do is improve the quality of that, but at the anytime, there are certain foods that may be a little bit irritating.

For example, you may not do well with dairy products. So what we want to do is maybe limit the dairy or eliminate the dairy and in that instance then we want to choose another whole food not something that's highly processed you could have all meals which are high in calcium or greens like all the different dark greens that are out there to get calcium instead so, what you want to do is just make better quality exchanges if you are removing something for Psoriasis.