How do I reduce the fat in my chest area?

The body stores fat based largely upon genetics factors, some areas are more prone to weight gain and fat gain than others. When the body loses fat it does so from all over the body. If you want to lose fat from your chest area you must lose fat all over the body by combining a mild caloric restriction with regular physical activity.  Eventually, the fat will be removed from your chest with enough time and training.

You can reduce fat in the chest area only by reducing overall body fat. Spot reducing is not possible.  Regular exercise and a balanced diet will help to reduce body fat percentage throughout the whole body both internally and externally. Reducing internal fat is healthier for the inner organs. External reduction in fat, of course, will have you looking better and fit.

I wish there was a way to target fat loss.  Unfortunately, reducing fat stores and improving body composition involves more than just exercise.  Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress reduction, strength training and cardiovascular exercise are all key fat burning ingredients. 

The following game plan will help reduce over all fat stores including the chest area.

1.) Avoid refined and processed foods.

2.) Begin a progressive full body strength training routine 2-3 times per week.

3.) Include 3-5 days of cardiovascular exercise.

4.) Get at least 7-8 hrs sleep nightly.

5.) Manage stress by doing some type of relaxation or stress management activity like meditation or yoga. 

This 5 part plan will not only remove fat from the chest area, but will also strengthen and tone the whole body and improve overall health and wellness.

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