What vitamins can I take if I'm using statin drugs?

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  • A , Pharmacy, answered
    If you take statin drugs, talk to your doctor before taking any supplements. Certain supplements may benefit people who take statins. For example, there is some evidence that taking supplements of coenzyme Q10 may reduce the muscle soreness that statins sometimes cause. However, taking niacin (vitamin B3) supplements along with a statin medication may worsen muscle soreness. Your doctor can help you determine what supplements, if any, might be right for you.
  • A , Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), answered
    The anti-inflammatory effect of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can be inhibited by taking more than 200 milligrams of vitamin C or more than 100 IU of vitamin E a day in supplement form, so you need to be careful what you take with a statin.
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