A Sweet, Super-Healthy Food for Diabetics: Strawberries

A Sweet, Super-Healthy Food for Diabetics: Strawberries

Got diabetes? Here's something easy and delicious you can do to avoid complications: Eat a handful of strawberries.

A recent lab study found that there's a whole lot of something called fisetin in the red, juicy berries that reduces the kidney and brain complications associated with type 1 diabetes.

Fabulous Fisetin
In the lab, scientists rounded up two groups of diabetic subjects and fed one group a fisetin-rich diet. While the plant compound had no effect on blood sugar levels -- the subjects remained diabetic -- common, scary complications of diabetes like kidney disease and nerve damage fell significantly.

How does it work? The scientists believe that fisetin increases the production of an enzyme that helps remove a toxin known as AGE from the blood. There's a strong correlation between high levels of AGE in the blood and diabetic complications. Less AGE, less complications. Bingo.

A Strawberry a Day?
In order to consume the fisetin levels equal to those given to the study subjects, you would have to eat 37 strawberries every day. That's a lot of fruit! But researchers hope that more studies confirming the benefits of fisetin will lead to a fisetin supplement for diabetics. Until then, reap the benefits of strawberries -- which have also been shown to fight heart disease and cancer.

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