What is the importance of a warm up?

The purpose of a warm-up is to prepare your body for physical activity. The warm-up is generally used to increase body temperature, increase heart rate and breathing rate, and also help you mentally prepare for exercise.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) recommends that a complete warm-up include both a general and specific warm-up. A general warm-up includes activities and movements that are not necessarily going to be performed in your actual workout, and should last approximately 5-10 mins at a low-to-moderate intensity. Walking on a treadmill or using the elliptical machine before a resistance training workout is an example of a general warm-up. A specific warm-up involves movements that closely mimic those of the actual activity you will be performing. For example, performing push ups prior to an upper body resistance training session.

The warm up is used to prepare the body for activity. The main objectives are to increase heart rate and breathing, increase body temperature, and also psychologically prepare the body for exercise.

The warm up should consist of 5-10 minutes of low-to-moderate activity, before moving into the main exercise intensity.

This should be used for cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and even flexibility training.

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