How can I prevent my feet from feeling tight by mid-day?

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  • Assuming you spend most of the day seated, one of the best things you can do to relieve foot tension is to buy either a baseball, a softball -- even a tennis ball. Place this under your foot and slowly roll into your tender spots, applying pressure as tolerated.

    This is a form or self myofascial release that will relax excited, tense tissues in your foot. You can follow this up with a calf stretch to relieve tightness in the lower leg as well. In addition, by taking your shoes off, you'll be able to extend your toes in-order to stretch the muscles of the bottom of your foot.
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    Step one, I would suggest using a foam roller (self myofascial release) to relieve tightness in the gastrocnemius, soleus, and peroneals. Using your body weight as leverage to apply pressure to tender spots for 30 seconds or longer. Step two, perform static stretching for the muscles listed above. Step three, I would try rolling the arch of your foot over a golf ball in the seated position then try standing to apply more pressure while flexing your toes. Perform exercises in the morning and in the evening for four weeks. Finally, sturdy shoes with an orthotic device or additional cushioned insoles may help alleviate tired feet as well.
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    Yes-stretch them out. A lot of us are on our feet all day long and I know in NYC with all the walking the feet get a serious workout. With bare feet drop your tailbone down towards your heels and use your hands on the ground for support. Now bring your heels up as high as you can, bending your toes. Ideally you want your heels right above your toes. Then roll your heels out 2 inches and back 2 inches. Do 5x.
  • Chances are if your feeling your feet tightening up, this may be caused by tight calf muscles such as gastrocnemus and soleus muscles. Try doing some static stretches against a door or wall.  


    To stretch out the Gastrocnemus muscles, place your foot on a wall or a door. Keep the heel down on the floor and the toes and foot againt the wall. Keep the your knee stratight and lean your body towards the wall until you feel a mild stretch. hold for 30 seconds then repeat 2-3 times.  


    To stretch the Soleus muscle, follow the same procedure but this time bend your knee. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat 2-3 times.

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