How should I stimulate the G-spot?

Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD
Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD on behalf of Good In Bed
How exactly you rub the G-spot depends on how you’re wired, and you can only figure that out through trial and error. Here I’ll give you some basic techniques that work for various women:

Pressure: You might find that the best stimulation for you is just steady, direct pressure. Adding clitoral stimulation is a simple way to increase the intensity of any self-pleasuring experience. Start with a high level of arousal generated by clitoral stimulation, use a little lube around the mouth of the vagina if you like, and insert a finger or object about two inches into the vagina and press up, against that front wall of the vagina.

Come Here: With a finger or two or three inserted with the fingertips just beyond that special area, pressing up against that anterior wall, bend your fingers in a “come here” motion. This provides pressure and motion against the G-spot and is the standard recommended stimulation type. Make sure your fingernails are short, smooth, and clean!!

Tapping: With a finger pressing dead against the center of your g-spot, tap your finger rhythmically against the area. It’s not really wiggling because it doesn’t matter much about stimulating the posterior wall of the vagina. Don’t think back and forth or side to side, just think tap. Try many variations and see how your body responds.

Glass: Using a glass or acrylic or other very hard dildo, when you are already very aroused, rub the toy against your G-spot. Play with different angles of penetration and different speeds. Remember the G-spot is right at the entrance of the vagina, no more than about 3 inches in, so you’re not looking for deep penetration, but intense pressure on the G-spot. Your body may like very small, slow movements over the surface of the G-spot, or it might like very fast movement. Different women need different kinds of stimulation, so try a variety of things to learn what your body likes.

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