Plaque Psoriasis

What can I do to prevent and treat psoriasis?

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    Psoriasis treatments

    There are a several treatment options to help soothe and treat the scaly skin caused by psoriasis. Watch this video by Dr. Oz to learn what you can do to ease your psoriasis symptoms.

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    Don't scratch or try to scrub off the scaly skin. Instead, moisturize with a thick, occlusive cream or ointment twice a day. Sweat will irritate the skin, as will fragranced products or perfume. Psoriasis sufferers have to be careful about everything they put on their skin - even sunscreen can sting. Even one patch of plaque should lead you to see a dermatologist, especially since it's likely that you will develop others in the future. It's important to get onto a good treatment program to prevent a more extensive outbreak.

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