What medications are given to women with placenta previa?

There are no medications to treat a placenta previa but the woman might receive medications to prevent the complications of the placenta previa. These medications are dependent on the individual patient situation and may include:

  • Stool softeners to prevent constipation and straining to defecate.
  • Iron supplements to prevent or treat anemia
  • Corticosteroids to enhance fetal pulmonary maturity if the risk of pre-term birth is imminent
  • Tocolytic agent to decrease uterine irritability
  • RhoGam (anti-D immunoglobulin) injection if the woman is Rh negative to prevent Rh sensitization
  • IV fluids and blood transfusions to maintain circulating volume during episodes of acute bleeding.

Medicines are not given to treat placenta previa itself, but they may be given to you if you are at risk of pre-term labor. For instance, if you are in the hospital with complications because of placenta previa, then you might be given magnesium sulfate (intravenously) to stop labor from progressing. If it looks like you might have to have an emergency C-section, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids, which will help develop your baby's lungs. This may reduce your baby's risk of some health complications from premature birth.

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