What is primary osteoarthritis?

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    Primary osteoarthritis (OA) is arthritis that has no known cause. There's no trigger, such as an injury that first began to damage the joint. Primary OA is sometimes called idiopathic osteoarthritis. As we learn more about the genetic causes of OA, the term primary OA may become obsolete. We may soon be able to pinpoint a specific gene or set of genes that cause the disease.
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    Primary osteoarthritis means that there is no known cause for the joint breakdown. Primary osteoarthritis can also be called "idiopathic" osteoarthritis. This type occurs in the vast majority of osteoarthritis cases. Secondary osteoarthritis occurs more rarely and happens as a result of another condition, such as when arthritis is caused by too much iron in the blood (hemochromatosis), which can damage joints.
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