How safe is it to have sex if I have kidney failure?

National Kidney Foundation
National Kidney Foundation
Some couples dealing with kidney failure may worry that sexual activity could cause the affected person's death or harm the dialysis access or transplanted kidney. Sexual limitations need not be placed on people on dialysis. Sexual activity should not not place pressure or tension on the access site. Fear can cause people to needlessly avoid sexual activity.

After receiving a transplant, it is important to wait until the scar incision has begun to heal. Once the doctor says it is all right to resume sexual activity, there is no reason to worry about damaging the transplanted kidney.

For some couples, sexual intercourse is not possible. Some may feel that sex is not as important as it once was. Activities such as touching, hugging and kissing provide feelings of warmth and closeness even if intercourse is not involved. Professional sex therapists can recommend alternative methods.

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