How can I increase my chances of surviving breast cancer?

Dennis L. Citrin, MD
Hematology & Oncology

Breast cancer is a highly treatable disease and it is very important that every woman seek help immediately if there are any noticeable changes to breast tissue.  Look for a doctor who is experienced in diagnosing breast cancer and make sure to get a mammogram.

For patients who already have a breast cancer diagnosis, my number one piece of advice is to find a team of breast cancer experts that you trust.  This includes meeting with both a medical and surgical oncologist before starting treatment.  Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in the treatment of cancer.  However, patients who are committed to their treatment plan and discuss all of their concerns with their care team will be more likely to successfully complete treatment.  To help your body fight breast cancer, it is important to also maintain a healthy weight and manage side effects.   

This Discovery Health video features the story of a young woman who survives breast cancer and becomes an advocate for breast self-examination.


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