How can I not stress about my hypertension?

Stress appears to cause a temporary increase in blood pressure. Therefore, you should try to reduce the stress in your life. Since it's not possible to always avoid stressful events, learning ways to cope better with stress can be helpful, too. Some relaxation techniques involve deep breathing, or tightening and releasing the muscles in your body.
Most people who receive the news that they have high blood pressure and need treatment experience feelings of anxiety and fear.The fears can be very real, and usually involve questions such as what if my blood pressure worsens or how can I manage my stress with hypertension.

Still, becoming obsessive about your fears and dwelling on what may happen will make it difficult to move in a positive direction. It is far better to recognize your fears and redirect your energy into optimistic behaviors in order to stop or change the negative thoughts and actions. Worrying about what cannot be changed will only make you more anxious and fearful.

Most importantly, as you deal with the diagnosis of hypertension, do not expect your family or friends to be your therapist. Find a licensed mental health counselor and make an appointment to talk it out with an impartial and trained professional who understands these problems. Also, have an open mind about nonmedical interventions that can help you relax, such as biofeedback, relaxation response, or music therapy. Relaxing will help as you accept changes in life with aging. Also, ask your physician to explain the nature of high blood pressure to your family, including why you need to watch your diet and exercise regularly. This will help your family to become more understanding and empathetic when your stress and anxiety is high.

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