How can I prevent health problems as I age?

Edtrina Moss
Ambulatory Care

Preventing health problems as one ages is a collaborative effort that includes the person, their family/friends, and their health care providers. Meaning, your efforts of health prevention and health promotion should include a support system of individuals that provide encouragement and sustainment. You should commit to a plan of action that includes regular wellness checks that help identify problems before they become overwhelming. Your commitment to a plan of action should also include regular exercise and lifestyle modifications with SMART goals - Simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

Preventing health problems is a team effort that requires a team approach of support, encouragement, and goal-setting.

You can't change the past … or stop the clock. Growing old is inevitable but some of the health problems associated with aging don't need to be. Some nutrition and lifestyle changes can help prevent health issues that start to crop up with age:
  • Get adequate rest to help keep your immune system strong.
  • Control your weight. Excess weight seems to increase your risk for several diseases, which can affect quality of life and life span.
  • Refuel regularly. Maintaining a regular meal schedule keeps insulin levels steady and avoids surges which can increase your disease risk.
  • To the extent you are able, engage in regular physical activity.
You can make choices at any age or health condition that can slow the changes and challenges that come with getting older. You'll feel good longer and enjoy life for many years to come.

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