How does the RICE method help foot related sports injuries?

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RICE, or rest, ice, compression, and elevation, continues to be the most popular method to help treat foot-related sports injuries to suppress pain and swelling while accelerating healing. Start with rest; stop the activity and take the weight off your foot. Next, ice the injury with an ice pack or crushed ice. Crushed ice or ice packs that conform to the body are best because they can get closest to the injury, rather than blocky ice cubes. Ice should be removed every 20 minutes to keep from damaging the skin. Compression can help minimize swelling through the use of a wrap, brace, boot, or cast. Last, elevate the foot so that it is above the heart to help decrease swelling. The process should start as soon as possible after the injury and last from 24 to 48 hours. If a longer time is needed or symptoms worsen, call a doctor.

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