Challenges of Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

Updated on February 24, 2024

Kris details the emotional toll she faces as a caregiver for a close family member with Alzheimer's Disease.

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Being my grandma's caregiver has really shown me that I can do anything. [MUSIC PLAYING]
My life completely changed after being my grandma's caregiver. I didn't really understand when I took on the responsibility how long
or how dedicated you had to be. I kind of grew with it through time. But it really gave me the biggest purpose in my life.
I'm just happy to be with you. At this stage of her disease, she really needs help in all areas and all activities of daily living.
I wake her up in the morning. I help her in the bathroom. I help her get dressed and washed and fed. It's really just all about providing love and care
and being attentive to the behavioral changes. I try to kind of read my grandma's mind so I can figure out what's going on
and what she needs in that moment. It's really hard on the days where my grandma is extra agitated and just nothing seems to be working or making her happy because it really
can feel like it's my fault as a caregiver even though I know that it's not. Don't cut it. OK.
I just try to change the mood up for her. I try to be silly and crazy just to try to get her to laugh
or to break the mood of frustration. Mary and Kristen together forever. Taking time for yourself as a caregiver is 100% necessary.
I really try to find daily activities for myself so I don't get burnt out and I still feel like I'm living and doing things for myself.
I love you for helping me. This journey with my grandma has changed me completely. I have found a deeper meaning of life and living and loving.
I really feel like I have gained a sense of purpose that I didn't have prior to this journey.
It is not easy, but it's worth it. [AUDIO LOGO]

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