What attitude do healthy people take toward fitness?

Healthy people generally maintain positive attitudes toward fitness. They see it as an integral part of their lifestyle and typically schedule regular periods of time to undertake physical activities. Healthy people think about the positive benefits that fitness brings into their lives and how these benefits can improve their overall quality of life. Once fitness has become incorporated into the a person's life and instilled as a steadfast habit, the positive consequence provide enough motivation to not only continue pursuing current fitness activities but also branch out into new fitness dimensions. Often, the most difficult part is beginning this cycle and engendering the pursuit of life-long fitness.
Fitness requires positive attitude, and healthy people require fitness. Fitness is just like breakfast, needs to be a part of daily life. Without your health, what else do you have?
Wendy Batts
Let’s discuss this answer within the context of our attitudes toward exercise. I think often we look at workouts as just that: ”work”. Find any way to put some fun or meaning into your workouts. Folks that are fit will often see the immediate and long-term health benefits that come from exercise. This keeps them consistent over the long haul. Here are some suggestions that help you do the same…
  • Try a group exercise class: often exercising with others can be motivating in and of itself and before you know it, the workout is over
  • Seek out the help of a professional: they can make things fun
  • Relate workouts to recreational activities you enjoy doing: for example if you love golf then be sure your workouts improve your golf game (another reason to seek out the help of a professional)
  • Use workouts as the means to an end: remember how good you feel when they are completed, how much less stress you feel, the sense of accomplishment that comes with working out, few things motivate like instant gratification and there is definitely some to be had with a great workout

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