How should I care for an open abdominal injury?

The first step in caring for an open wound is cleansing the wound and seeking medical attention if it's more severe. Learn more from Brian Evans, MD, from West Hills Hospital & Medical Center in this video. 
With a severe open injury, abdominal organs sometimes protrude through the wound.

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To care for an open wound to the abdomen, follow these steps:
  • Put on disposable gloves or use another barrier.
  • Carefully position the person on his or her back with the knees bent, if that position does not cause pain.
  • Do not apply direct pressure.
  • Do not push any protruding organs back into the open wound.
  • Remove clothing from around the wound.
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  • Apply moist, sterile dressings loosely over the wound (clean, warm tap water can be used).
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  • Cover dressings loosely with plastic wrap, if available.

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