What made me see bright wavy lines while using my computer?

You may be seeing bright wavy lines while using your computer due to floaters in your eyes. Floaters are tiny bits of debris that float around in the eye and are usually harmless. It is more common to see floaters when you are staring at something bright and light colored, like a computer screen (especially if the screen has a white background), if you are looking at a white wall in a brightly lit room, or if you go outside at noon and stare off into a cloudless sky. 
Your symptoms sound suspicious for an ophthalmic migraine (migraine without a headache). An ophthalmic migraine often includes zigzag lines, colored lights, or flashes of lights expanding to one side of your vision over 10 to 30 minutes. While what you described is not likely to be a sign of a more serious problem, you should consider scheduling an evaluation with your local eye doctor.

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