How can I tell if someone is having a seizure?

There are different kinds of seizures, each with different symptoms. Seizures can happen unexpectedly and may include falling, injuries like biting the tongue or losing control of one's urine or stool. Some people who get generalized tonic clonic seizures (also called "grand mal") may lose consciousness and demonstrate stiffness and jerking movements with a period of confusion after the seizure event. Other types of seizures may be more subtle and hard to detect, with symptoms such as not responding and staring for a brief period of time, or shaking in one part of the body like the arm or face. If someone gets recurrent seizures, he or she may be able to identify warning signs before the seizure even occurs, such as unusual tastes, smells, sensations or even out-of-body experiences. Because the signs of a seizure can be variable, if you suspect someone is having a seizure, it is best to get help from a healthcare professional to keep that person safe and healthy.

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