When should I call the dentist after getting a dental crown?

If you've had a dental crown placed, you can expect some numbness around your mouth if you've had numbing medication injected. You also can expect some soreness after the crown placement is done. Some situations that should prompt you to call your dentist include:
  • feeling numbness not just around your jaw but also in other areas of your face
  • mouth or jaw numbness that does not go away after a few hours (this could mean that a nerve was damaged)
  • noticing that your pain is becoming more severe instead of getting better
  • noticing that the pain in your mouth gets better and then suddenly increases in severity
  • running a fever, or finding that the area of the crown placement is swollen, warm, red, or leaking fluid (all of these are signs of infection)
  • bleeding that starts up after the crown is placed and doesn't stop
  • feeling that your crown is loose or seeing that it has fallen out completely
  • unusual or severe side effects from any pain medicine that your dentist may prescribe for you

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