What kinds of lubricants should not be used with condoms?

Lubricants are oil-based, silicone-based or water-based substances that help reduce rubbing (friction). Do not use oil-based lubricants with condoms. The oil weakens the material the condom is made from and can cause the condom to break. You can use silicone-based or water-based lubricants with a condom.
Petroleum jelly, hand lotion, lipstick, lip balm, or other oil-based lubricants can destroy the strength of condoms, causing them to break. If you would like to use a lubricant with a condom, use a water-based product such as K-Y jelly, Gyne-Moistrin, Astroglide, or lubricating gel. Some condoms are lubricated and will specify as such on the packaging. Contraceptive foams or jellies also can be good lubricants.

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