How do I manage my chronic fatigue syndrome on a daily basis?

The key to managing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome on a daily basis is maintaining good overall health while refraining from overexerting yourself mentally or physically. First, make sure that your intake of energy is balanced by eating a nutritious diet, drinking lots of water, and limiting the use of harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol or caffeine. Second, make sure your energy output is balanced by exercising regularly but only to your ability. If you feel faint or exhausted after exercising, consult your doctor to create an exercise plan that is right for you. Third, maintain a healthy resting schedule by regulating your sleep patterns and managing stress on a daily basis. This may involve talking to close family or friends about your concerns, keeping a journal, or consulting a therapist.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is best managed on a daily basis with an indiviualized approach for each person. You want to avoid over-exertion and under-exertion. Physical therapy may help some people. Good nutrition is an important factor, as with any disease, and getting plenty of restful sleep is important. Psychological counseling may also be helpful.

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