Why does aerobic exercise help lose weight?

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  • Aerobic exercise helps one to lose weight by increasing overall caloric burn constantly, 24/7, because it helps increase one's metabolism. One of the best ways to enhance the caloric burn through aerobic exercise is to incorporate interval training. This is where you will train at a certain heart rate zone for let's say two minutes then increase to a higher heart rate zone for one minute then keep repeating.

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    Aerobic exercise, which includes such activities as jogging, dancing, and running up and down the stairs trying to find your car keys, is an effective aid in weight loss  People discovered if they would bounce, jump, twist, and run until they were panting like a lapdog they could lose weight. But what they failed to realize was that it was the extra oxygen that really did the work. Sure, the extra muscles helped. Lean muscle burns through fat a whole lot faster than flab. But the bottom line to their success was they transformed their bodies from being fat producers to being energy producers. And it was the extra air - not the exercise - that did it. Energy production without oxygen is inefficient. Our cells can do it. It's called anaerobic metabolism. But aerobic metabolism is sixteen times better at producing energy. That's why aerobic exercise launched the fitness revolution. Let’s just say that breathing, like exercise, is highly effective at pumping up your oxygen. This, in the long run, is what’s really going to take off all that extra weight.

  • Truly any exercise is going to help you lose weight. Aerobic exercise will assist in weight loss due to the amount of calories that are burned. You may potentially burn more calories through intense aerobic exercise than what you burn during anaerobic exercise. However, anaerobic exercise will also help in weight loss. 

    Again, exercise in general will benefit you more than no exercise at all. The best way to lose weight will be to complete both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Increasing your lean muscle mass will help to increase your metabolism which will result in a greater chance for weight loss.

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    Aerobic exercise is the type of exercise that utilizes fat tissue as the fuel in making energy. Since a weight loss program should be aimed at losing fat not just weight, and aerobic exercise utilizes fat for fuel, aerobic exercise is an important aspect of any weight loss program.
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