How can anger be positive?

Betty Davis, LPC, NCC
Betty Davis, LPC, NCC on behalf of MDLIVE
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Anger is a human emotion that can vary from mild irritation to intense and uncontrolled rage. In simplest terms, anger is a sign that something is wrong for us and that we need to do something about it. Anger is a natural, adaptive response when we feel threatened by someone or by something. It’s an empowering feeling that allows us to fight or defend ourselves when we are attacked. Therefore, we need our anger for our survival. It also helps us set up boundaries and can be a positive thrust toward getting our needs met (if we know what our needs are). Just because you get angry does not necessarily mean you have a problem. Anger is, after all, part of the natural response that helps us to protect ourselves and others. Here are some examples of when anger is helpful and healthy.

Positive Aspects of Anger

  • It gives us the courage to defend ourselves or those we love
  • It motivates us to improve the world by inspiring social action and justice
  • It confirms our individuality, especially when we are children
  • It warns others not to take advantage of us
  • It is a powerful survival tool
  • It is a response to pain (physical and psychological)
  • It is a source of energy
  • Can mobilize you to take action
  • Can motivate you to improve
  • Can empower you when you are feeling powerless, helpless, scared, or victimized
  • Can serve as an alarm clock, signaling you that something is wrong


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