Can pregnancy trigger acne?

Kathy Snider
Neonatal Nursing
Pregnancy can actually make acne clear up or become worse. If someone who previously has acne notices that it has cleared up during their pregnancy, it may be in part to the elevation of the hormone estrogen. On the other hand, some women complain that their acne has worsened with pregnancy. Once again, hormonal changes can increase oil production in the skin, causing more breakouts. Following some basic self-care guidelines may help: 1) Wash your face with a mild facial cleanser, twice a day, and use lukewarm, not hot, water. Hot water dries out your skin and may increase your body's natural oil production. 2) If you have natural oily hair, shampoo daily and try to keep your hair pulled back away from your face. 3) Avoiding squeezing, picking or popping any pimples. This may cause irritation, swelling and infection.
Maybe! Pregnancy results in a surge of hormones which can intensify acne.  On the other hand, pregnancy results in an increased blood volume and enhanced circulation, which may help to decrease acne. 

If you’re lucky enough not to have had pimples in the past, any that you get now probably won’t be severe. For the acne-prone, being pregnant can be a challenge. If your current treatments are a threat to your unborn baby, you’ll have to discontinue them and, as a result, your acne may get worse. Don’t give up! You can use pregnancy-safe acne remedies.

From The Mind-Beauty Connection: 9 Days to Less Stress, Gorgeous Skin, and a Whole New You by Amy Wechsler.

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