Does chocolate cause acne?

Will Clower, PhD
Nutrition & Dietetics
It is popularly thought that chocolate consumption can produce blemishes and acne. However, after 40 years of studies, research still returns mixed results. Some studies argue that it does, while others say that it doesn’t.

One explanation for the uncertainty about the link between chocolate and acne is that acne may be correlated to chocolate consumption, but not caused by it. For example, some evidence suggests that dairy may contribute to facial blemishes. Therefore, the research finding a positive association between acne and chocolate may actually be a reflection of the dairy content in lighter milk chocolates. The bottom line is that the jury is definitely still out at this time.
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Foods like chocolate, soda, pizza, potato chips, French fries -- anything that seems bad or forbidden -- usually get blamed for breakouts, but there’s barely a lick of evidence showing any of them (or any food) produces pimples.

I’m not convinced that all bad foods lead to pimples; in fact, I don’t believe in any food being bad. I will take some of the current theories on the connection between diet and acne with a grain of salt until further research is done. Plus, a blemish usually takes longer to develop, so yesterday's chocolate binge is irrelevant.

Keep in mind that it’s tempting to blame food because pimples make us feel out of control of our skin. If we decide chocolate is the culprit, we feel we can regain control if we stop eating it. If you swear you have a trigger food and you feel safer if you avoid it (and thus, it lowers your stress), by all means do.

Personally, I wouldn’t give up chocolate! I’d focus on treatment.

From The Mind-Beauty Connection: 9 Days to Less Stress, Gorgeous Skin, and a Whole New You by Amy Wechsler.

Dr. Doris Day, MD
Many myths exist about what causes acne. Chocolate and greasy foods are often blamed, but exactly what effect foods seem to have on either the development or the course of acne in most people remains unclear. No studies have been able to show that chocolate affects acne. In a study looking at the possible effects of chocolate, particularly on acne, it was shown that chocolate had no effect on most patients. In a few, it made the acne worse, and in a few others, it made their acne better. 
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100 Questions & Answers About Acne

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