Breast Augmentation

Can breast implants rupture?

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  • AStuart Linder, MD, Plastic Surgery, answered
    One of the questions I hear most often about breast augmentation is, "Can these implants rupture, and if that happens, what do I do?" The majority of the implants we use are saline implants, which means they are filled with a salt and water solution. If they were placed under sterile conditions and filled with sterile fluid, then the body will absorb the fluid and there should not be any complications. However, you will want to have that implant replaced as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the lower the likelihood of a good result as scar tissue can form after the collapse. Implants can rupture at any time, so understand that this is a real possibility. The two major manufacturers of implants in the United States both have lifetime guarantees on replacement of the implant bags.
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