Eating Fish Several Times a Week Lowers Stroke Risk by a Third

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a tip that can cut your risk for stroke by a third. Choose fish for dinner, but here's the catch. You've got to eat it three times a week. In a Swedish study, women who ate fish at least three times a week enjoyed as much as a 33% lower risk of stroke during a 10 year follow up period.

Now researchers think stroke risk was reduced because when we eat more fish, it means we're skipping less healthy proteins, like red meat. Fish is also high in taurine. It's an amino acid that appears to reduce blood pressure and triglycerides. So, what type of fish should we eat? Lean fish provided the better stroke reduction benefit in the study. This is unusual since fatty fish have much higher concentration of heart healthy Omega-3 fats, but the researchers suspect that the benefits from the fattier fish will neutralize high preparation methods.

In Sweden, salmon and herring are often eaten in a salt cured form which doesn't do your blood pressure. So don't mess up your fish benefits by dousing your salmon with salt and frying it in butter. Watch great tips for better health, right here.