Are There Any New Treatments for Parkinson's Disease that Excite You?

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I am still convinced that there is probably a medicine, a pharmaceutical agent out there that can do as good a job as Levodopa without having the motor complications. They're working on a gel, a levodopa gel that is inserted into the stomach, but it's still levodopa. So, I still have hope that the pharmaceutical industry R&D will come up with a good oral medication or injectable medication that we can take.

It may end up being that Parkinson's disease is an inflammatory disorder, we might go down the anti-inflammatory route. It could be that Parkinson's disease is as a infectious disorder and we might go down the vaccine route. I still think that if as we develop biomarkers we probably are going to come up with a prevention, so that patients don't get the disease at all and that would be optimal.

So, if  we have a vaccine or some sort of early intervention that we can present prevent the disease process, and that's what most researchers are working on very hard right now is to find the biomarker because by the time you're diagnosed with the disorder you've already lost 80% of your neurons.

So we need to figure out how to diagnose it before the symptoms emerge. The day one of Parkinson's disease probably began 10 years before you develop any symptoms, and that's what we need to be looking at, but in terms of treatment for all those folks that already have it, my enthusiasm is really more towards the computerized brain, with the high developments in technology, and someday with the bio implantable regeneration of brain, and they're doing that for other neurotic diseases Alzheimers, LAS, spinal chord injuries, so that patient's who already have damaged neurons, we can regenerate neurons.