Can Meals on Wheels Expand to Other Populations Besides Seniors?

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We actually do that today. We work on a couple of different programs. For example, one with a drug manufacturer, who is funding a program that anyone suffering from breast cancer male, female any victim of breast cancer is discharged from the hospital, they're covering in partnership with us, the cost of a meal for 30 days and that's a terrific program and it also provides meals for the care givers.

I think that that's a model that makes a lot of sense because regardless of whether you're senior or not, there are people who are hungry and we're not even scratching the surface. My only concern is, as a representative of the Meals on Wheels association, is we cannot declare victory yet.

If there are only 2.5 million seniors that we're serving today, and we know that there is a need of the minimum of 8.3 million, we haven't declared victory. I don't feel we solved our mission, we've addressed our mission until we recognize that we need to do something to focus on that group.