What Foods Should I Avoid if I Have Psoriasis?

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If you have Psoriasis and you're saying, okay, now that I have Psoriasis, I have to avoid certain foods, what are they? I am going to actually step back and say, you need to avoid all of the foods that I want everyone to avoid. And what that means is really, we don't want a diet full of processed ingredients that the body finds, doesn't even know what to do with.

Those things irritate the body, those things lead to inflammation, and they certainly aren't healing. So, what I would recommend doing is looking at your diet, and especially what you consume on a regular basis, and I would look it down and say make sure that the base of my diet are quality for foods that are found in nature.

Now the other thing, there are things that tend to irritate us from an inflammation standpoint, so maybe we want to reduce the amount of dairy, maybe we want to look at removing some gluten from the diet, but only do that if you're replacing them with quality whole food.