What Are the Drug therapies Used in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment?

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The mainstay drug is at it's base over 100 years old, it's metformin, metformin based on substance found in the whit lily plant, which was found to be useful for diabetes 100 years ago, and from that eventually we found metformin, and metformin has been on market for many decades, it makes you more sensitive to insulin, and has very few side effects.

So it's a great medication. Other medication may induce your cells that make them [xx] the beta cell, obvious if you put up more insulin, yet other medications are injectible but they are not insulin, they are coated in GLP patterns and actually a physician affiliate with [xx] helped develop the very first one, [xx] affiliated with [xx] and what that does is it tells the cells that make insulin to put up more insulin but only if the sugar is high.

The other thing that it does is it makes you feel [xx] and so people who take that kind of medication, there are now others that have followed suit, tend to loose weight, which is marvelous, and there are yet more medications to come, there's more in type 1.[MUSIC].