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Your Sharecare profile is a living, breathing, evolving story of your health. Based on your RealAge results, the expert resources, guidance and programs are all personalized for you to create a healthy life, lived to the fullest.

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It all starts with the RealAge Test, taken by more than 41 million people. The scientifically-based assessment shows you the true age of the body you’re living in – the first step toward optimizing your health.

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Sharecare users have constant access to personalized health consultations with AskMD – get an answer to what might be causing what's bothering you, and get ready for a productive visit with your doctor.

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Population Health Management & Coaching

Now with Healthways, Sharecare’s combined products enables you to manage your health. Integration of digital assets with in-person support drives support for you to live your healthiest life.

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Gallup Well-Being Index

The Gallup Well-Being Index® is the most proven, mature and comprehensive measure of well-being in the world. When we measure well-being, we can learn how to improve the lives of individuals and populations around the world.

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Ornish Reversal Program

The Ornish Reversal Program is the first and only program proven to reverse the progression of heart disease. Participants adhere at a 91% higher rate than other traditional methods.

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Blue Zones Project

Blue Zones Project is a community well-being improvement initiative. Cities who have adopted Blue Zones Project have seen a 14% drop in obesity after just two years, along with several other health improvements.

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Sharecare Experts

Sharecare experts include physicians and health professionals from all over the country, so users can find the health answers, advice and resources that are right for them - and right nearby – through articles, videos, blogs, programs and assessments.

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Find a Doctor

Finding the right doctor or specialist is a critical part of taking care of your health. Search locally and by specialty for the doctors closest to you, and add filters like language, experience, and hospital affiliation to find the perfect match.

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The Sharecare App

Your health is more than just physical wellness; it's also affected by your mindset. The Sharecare app reads the subtleties in your voice and provides insights into what's driving your stress. An objective understanding of your mindset will lead to greater productivity, less stress, and better overall health.

The Beach Cities Health District in Southern California


drop in obesity through the use of Blue Zones®

The Beach Cities Health District in Southern California


decrease in smoking rate of Blue Zones® areas in The Beach Cities

The Ornish Reversal Program has a very high adherence rate


adherence rate which is far higher than traditional methods

The RealAge Test's Success is in the Numbers


users know their RealAge

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The effectiveness behind our products lies in the research and engineering that makes them possible. The variety of offerings provides proven ways to help you live a healthier life.

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We have partnered with leading organizations, hospitals and health systems to ensure you are receiving the best and most accurate health information. Here are a few of them.

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