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The Sharecare platform provides all the tools for your employees and members to engage in their health to drive better outcomes.

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Delivering results through daily engagement

Core Metric of Health and Wellness



RealAge Test

Clinically-validated health risk assessment taken by more than 41M people serves as your core measure of health driving recommendations just for you to improve and optimize your life.

Onboarding into the Healthcare System


Clinical decision support tool that helps onboard you into the healthcare system by helping you find the right doctor for your condition in your network.

Providing Personalized Insights

Frictionless Insights

Creating daily engagement by capturing key insights from your activity and providing you with the resources to manage your health.

Driven by outcomes before rewards



Once key direction is set, platform delivers personalized content and insights to manage their health.



Using the RealAge test, behavioral analysis, and other frictionless insights, Sharecare will identify key areas of focus for the employee.



From RealAge baseline to improvement: Hyperawareness and personalized content support healthier behaviors.

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Population Health Management and Coaching

Through the acquisition of Healthways, Sharecare offers a full service enterprise population health program. Integration of digital assets with in-person support drives engagement and ROI.

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Gallup Well-Being Index

The Gallup Well-Being Index® is the most proven, mature and comprehensive measure of well-being in the world. When we measure well-being, we can learn how to improve the lives of individuals and populations around the world.

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Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is the first and only program proven to reverse the progression of heart disease. Participants adhere at a 91% higher rate than other traditional methods.

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Blue Zones Project

Blue Zones Project is a community well-being improvement initiative. Cities who have adopted Blue Zones Project have seen a 14% drop in obesity after just two years, along with several other health improvements.

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Tailored Programs and Content

Using a customized activation code by employer and health plans to unlock exclusive features, programs, and personalized content.

tailored programs

Employee and Member Communication

Business rules & event cards for employers and health plans providing the ability to publish custom messages into Sharecare app for your employee/member population to increase engagement. Allows you to communicate with your members and employees where they are already engaged and managing their health.

Member Communications

Biometrics Integration

Ability to integrate with internal and third party biometrics screening partners to incorporate data into RealAge test for more accurate personalization.


Employee onboarding and outreach

Employee marketing and outreach support customized for your organization to onboard and engage, including promotional collateral and email support

Employee Onboarding

Population Dashboard

In-depth real-time and actionable reporting analytics to provide insight on population’s progress, performance, and outcomes.


The Beach Cities Health District in Southern California


decrease in individuals above normal weight in Beach Cities since 2010

The Beach Cities Health District in Southern California


decrease in smoking rate in the Beach Cities since 2010

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine has a very high adherence rate


adherence rate which is far higher than traditional methods

The RealAge Test's Success is in the Numbers


users know their RealAge

Sharecare by the numbers

The effectiveness behind our products lies in the research and engineering that makes them possible. The variety of offerings provides proven ways to help you live a healthier life.

Employer Consultants

Offering Sharecare's full suite of tools and services to health and benefits consultants to provide a full end-to-end solution for your clients.

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