Fewer injuries, faster recovery

Together, Sharecare and Fusionetics deliver a musculoskeletal (MSD) program that keeps people on the move and your costs in check.

A smart solution for a big problem

MSD issues affect 1 in 2 people each year—more than diabetes and heart disease combined. Our MOVE program can return 80% of these people to a productive life with only moderate medical treatment.


Members report pain reduction


Reduction in short term disability over 10 years


MSD conditions preventable


College + pro sports program partners



Trailblazing technology for better movement

Sharecare and Fusionetics bring together patented digital assessments and programming to improve how people move.

Movement assessments

Our comprehensive analysis reveals movements that hurt performance and cause injury.

Targeted plans

We provide personalized plans of care to increase participants’ durability, performance, and mobility.

Proven exercises

We researched 1,500 different movement practices that work. And the variety keeps participants engaged.

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