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How can SharecareRx help me save if my insurance covers prescriptions?

You can choose to use SharecareRx instead of your health insurance if SharecareRx prices are lower than your typical copay or if your health plan does not cover your prescription for any reason. There will be times when your prescription is either not covered by your insurance provider or the insurance copay is more expensive than what you would pay with SharecareRx. Also, if you have a high prescription deductible, you may find that SharecareRx gives you more savings than the discounted rate you get through your insurance. In these cases, SharecareRx will save you more than if you were to use your insurance. SharecareRx cannot be used in combination with your insurance to lower your copay. If you choose to use SharecareRx, ask the pharmacist to run your prescription using your SharecareRx coupon instead of your insurance card. Simple as that! You can ask to have one prescription run through SharecareRx and another through your insurance.

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